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Review: Royal Pain by Megan Mulry

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Texas, for whom Bronte moved from her beloved New York to Chicago, advertising exec Bronte meets Max Heyworth, a lovely young gentleman from England and doctorial student in economics at the University of Chicago. It s not long into their whirlwind romance before Max wants to marry Bronte.

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Only two problems stand in their way: Bronte doesn t know that Max, who lives like a pauper, is actually the 19th duke of Northrop, and Bronte has some serious issues to work through, not the least of which being, once she does find out, deciding whether she even wants the life of a duchess. This delectable story, a little reminiscent of the movie The Prince and Me, is all about second chances and every girl s secret fantasy of marrying the perfect guy. Mulry creates a completely fleshed-out character in Bronte, with her insecurity issues and her envious good luck.

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She and the other characters make this charming book worth reading again and again. The Royal Treatment Alaskan Royal Family 1 In this delightful and dazzling erotic novel, MaryJanice Davidson creates an alternate contemporary world nearly identical to ours in which Russia never sold the Alaskan territory to the United States. Instead, Alaska has won its independence and established itself as a constitutional monarchy The country of Alaska is as forbidding as it is beautiful.

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And the royal family is as rough-around-the-edges as they are coolly civilized. Other royal families may find them shocking, but after all, in this wilderness kingdom, being a crack shot and expert trapper is just as important as knowing your salad fork from your dessert fork. Unfortunately, when the rest of the royals find you mildly savage, marrying off your royal brood can be a royal pain. King Alexander II is desperate. Why, he'd settle for any girl. A commoner.

An American, even! Stranded tourist Christina Krabbe is American, and a commoner, but she has zero interest in enduring a royal wedding, producing royal heirs, and becoming Queen of Alaska He may be a bit unruly--actually, the words untamed and slightly dangerous come to mind--but Christina's no delicate flower herself.