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Identity Based Encryption using Pairings and Crypt::PBC

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An Introduction to Identity-based Cryptography

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Identity-Based Cryptography Techniques and Applications A Review Abstract: This paper is reviewed the state of research on the important topic in the field of information interchange that is identity based cryptography which more or less extention of the public key cryptography field. The paper starts with analyzing the fundamental concepts of identity based cryptography techniques, which includes encryption and the techniques of digital signature for authentication, which is called as identity based signature.

Afterwards the paper continue its analyses on various techniques and applications of identity-based cryptography depends on the methods of bilinear pairing that is a computational ancient widely used to build up various identity based cryptography system in the current literature.

Afterwards this paper reviewed the identity based encryption applications in the field of various networks as ad-hoc networks, mobile networks and other wireless networks in the current era. At the end of this paper, we discuss how realistic and under what parameters identity-based cryptography may be used in current and future environment with its benefits and limitations. Full Text. Abstract: Government information is a vital asset that must be kept in a trusted environment and efficiently managed by authorised parties.

Even though e-Government provides a number of advantages, it also introduces a range of new security risks.