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He became ardently interested in the exact sciences at a very young age; as early as he carried out long calulations on the motions of the planets, a nd he attended the free courses give by Gaspard Monge, who became his patron. The friendship between the two remained constant throughout the sometimes dramatic events of their lives.

In that same year Lacroix also sent new solar tables to the Academy. The course in pure mathematics had few audiors and was soon discontinued.

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Lacroix then taught astronomy and the theory of probability. He also shared a Academy prize which they never received with C.

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Bicquilley for a work on the theory of marine insurance. In the meantime he had married. He then undertoook to publish numerous textbooks, which further contributed to his fame. In he was elected a member of the Institute.

An elementary treatise on the differential and integral calculus

This monumental work constituted a clear picture of mathematical analysis, documented and completely up to date. While Lacroix followed Euler on many points, he incorporated the various advances made since the middle of the eighteenth century. The treatise is a very successful synthesis of the works of Euler, Lagrange, Laplace, Monge, Legndre, Poisson, Gauss, and Cauchy, whose writings are followed up to the year A work of enduring popularity, it was translated into Enlgish and German. His writings on analytic geometry , which refined ideas the derived from Lagrange and above all from Monge, served as models for later didactic works.

A disciple of Condillac in philosophy, Lacroix brought to all his didactic works a liberal spirit, open to the most advanced ideas.

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  • He was particularly inspired by the pedagogical conceptions of Clairaut and, in addition, by those of masters of Port-Royal and Pascal and Descartes. On Olculating Curves. On the Integration of Rational Functions involving only. On the Integration of Irrational Functions. On the Integration of Binomial Differential. On Integration by Series.

    Sylvestre François Lacroix - Wikipedia

    On the Integration of Logarithmic and Exponential Quantities. On the Integration of Circular Functions. A general Method of obtaining approximate Values of Inte. On the Separation of the Pariables in Differential Equations. On the direct Method of Differences when applied to Func. On the Determination of a Function whose Difference is.

    On the Integration of Equations of Differences. On Equations of Mixed Differences. On the Connerion between the Differential Calculus and that. On Interpolations.

    The Essence of Calculus, Chapter 1