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Inspired by an actual attempt to blow up the Greenwich Observatory, The Secret Agent portrays the world of late-nineteenth-century London, with its fatuous civil servants, corrupt police, and squalid underworld characters like Verloc, a pornographer acting as a government informant.

Verloc's assignment is to provoke the radicals whose group he has penetrated into committing an act of such violence that they will be discredited and their appeal to the masses destroyed. With its questionable characters and amoral caricatures, the novel is as much a black satire of English society as a frightening mirror of the present day. With an Introduction by E.

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But it is also the book in which its author, through a brilliant adaptation of his Conrad's felicity of phrase and charm of atmosphere more obvious. The intention is a range of settings - we move from the sea to the colonial world, the Far East and Africa to England and then the Continent. For more than seventy years, Penguin has Nostromo , published in , is one of Conrad's finest works.

The Secret Agent: Centennial Editon (Signet Classics) - Joseph Conrad

Nostromo - though one hundred years old - says as much about today's Latin America as any of the finest recent accounts of that region's turbulent political life. Insistently dramatic in its storytelling, spectacular in its recreation of the subtropical landscape A collection of Conrad's most enduring work, edited by Pulitzer Prize finalist Michael Gorra A great novelist of the sea, a poet of the tropics, a critic of empire and analyst of globalization, a harbinger of the modern spy novel, an unparalleled observer of the moments in which people are stripped of Joseph Conrad's dark satire on English society In the only novel Conrad set in London, The Secret Agent communicates a profoundly ironic view of human affairs.

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The story is woven around an attack on the Greenwich Observatory in masterminded by Verloc, a Russian spy working for the police, and ostensibly A young and inexperienced sea captain finds that his first command leaves him with a ship stranded in tropical seas and a crew smitten with fever. In the three sea stories collected here, he makes deft use of the maritime setting to enact moral dramas of men tested by the elements In 'Typhoon' Conrad reveals, in Razumov aims to overcome the denial of his noble birth by a brilliant career in the tsarist bureaucracy created by Peter the All rights reserved.

The Secret Sharer.

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  5. The saga of a young, inexperienced skipper forced to decide the fate of a fugitive sailor who killed a man in self-defense. As he faces his first moral test the skipper discovers a terrifying truth -- and comes face to face with the secret itself.

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    Heart Of Darkness and The Secret Sharer draw on actual events and people that Conrad met or heard about during his many far-flung travels. In portraying men whose incredible journeys on land and at sea are also symbolic voyages into their own mysterious depths, these two masterful works give credence to Conrad's acclaim as a major psychological writer.

    His parents were members of the landed gentry, but as ardent Polish patriots they suffered considerably for their political views.