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Elise Moreau is a digital marketer, web content writer and copywriter. She has covered web trends for Lifewire and previously About. Updated January 21, What We Like:. The creativity behind each object's deliberate inconvenience. What We Don't Like:. It's a small collection so you'll browse through it quickly.

The 50 best websites to waste your time on

Some of the forgotten emails are very deep, emotional and relatable. There are only emails to read and we wish there were more. This site is actually a Tumblr blog , so you can follow it on Tumblr to see new posts in your dashboard. It's nice to see a small animation effect of each sound's image once you click to listen to it. With just 33 sounds in the museum, we wish there were more. The artistry behind every illustration is brilliant and a real pleasure to look at. Results probably aren't very accurate.

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The retro GIFs and background music make each Geocities transformation feel extra nostalgic. The progress bar that creates the illusion of everything becoming OK. The automatic guesses made by the computer are super amusing. This website is ridiculously fun. The automatic copy function when you click on a color. We know there are more terrible colors out there!

Can you match the name of the strangely interesting website to its description?

The complete exaggeration of every bad website feature and the convenient list of everything wrong with it. And I hope you waste all the time, or else bookmark this link for the next time you're bored also, tell me what I miss. I have absolutely zero explanation for anything that will follow, and I will not even attempt to try to explain.

I could hardly do them justice. And don't you DARE judge me today. I apologize for this lackluster content.

Actually, I don't. I have many more where these came from, so stay tuned for more weirdness. I wish you luck, fellow travelers. If you have discovered a weird or pointless website in your journey that is great for wasting time, by all means, please share. Art Books Film TV.

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Attractions Events. Change Location. Things To Do. Sign in. Courtesy of Breadfish. Join the Community. Meet the Author. Here's the Complete List of the Emmy Winners. Join Our Mailing List! Meet the Author Comments. Here, visitors can draw fascinating pictures using digital sand. As it turns out, the whole experience is rather hypnotic and a great way of losing yourself for a short period of time. One of the strangest of strange websites is Creepygirl.

A website that shows a woman who follows the movements of your mouse. The result is strange — it provokes different emotions in people, ranging from curiosity to mild but intoxicating discomfort.

20 Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!

While this is not the only website of its kind out there, it has gained something of a cult following over the years, with millions of people checking it out. The Internet has more than its fair share of useless, strange websites. But how do you find the most useless ones? Think of this as the opposite of Stumbleupon. Instead of being shown websites that are educational and fulfilling, this one just shows you strange websites that are somehow addictive despite their pointlessness.

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While this website may not be technically stupid in the way that it works, it is still something that can be annoyingly addictive. It uses Google Street View to show you an image from somewhere in the world. You are then given the task of trying to guess where in the world you are. Considering the infinite number of possibilities, how do you think you will fare with this game? You can spend hours trawling through the various items on this site and wonder how on earth you have been able to survive without them.

This is a website that is dedicated to the strangest, and also somehow the coolest, gadgets and devices that you have ever seen in your life. It covers everything from bizarre firearms to strange furniture to gadgets that make you wonder why they were invented in the first place. However, it is strangely addictive, and a good way to kill a lot of time.